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We give the green light to the conscious entrepreneur: in our rotating hydroponic towers business and environmental interests meet.

Competitive advantage for everyone to win

Your business and the planet, too

More than hydroponics!

Water and light: the basis of hydroponic plant cultivation.

However, a successful business requires more than those: productivity, cost-effectiveness, sustainability.

The Rotower® hydroponic technology realizes all of those in one system.

water usage

Innovative design: even with 95% less consumption, water richer in nutrients and oxygen.

crop yield

Larger quantity, impeccable quality, without environmental burdens, in a regulated environment: 30% more efficient production.

use of light

Optimal use of light by automatic rotation of the equipment: fewer LED panels are required – lower initial costs.


Scalable, mobile, automated, hyperlocal: fine tuned to your business needs.

Green light to success!

The success of a business depends on its ability to adapt to the ever changing circumstances. Therefore we created the Rotower® system in a way that it can be flexibly adapted to any business need.

We offer an alternative completely suitable to replace traditional production methods, which can set the future of not only businesses, but also the Earth on the path to success.

Social instritutions

Our innovative solution can bring together an entire community: it not only provides food, but also job opportunities to those in need.


Our hydroponic technology is also a sustainable and cost-effective solution for municipal gardens, community initiatives, and school projects.


A restaurant's popularity is quality ingredients and experience: patrons are attracted not only by flavours, but also by an interesting new technology.

Research & development

Rotower® is also suitable for research and experimentation purposes, for teaching university students, and for practical demonstration, too.

and many more…

Innovation for effectiveness

We have created a device that combines the advantages of aeroponic, hydroponic and aquaponic cultivation technologies.

Rotower® tower

The Rotower tower can be ideal for companies open to a corporate health program: with the help of a fruit-bearing, vegetable-growing plant island, you can produce in a small space, pesticide-free, with minimal effort, even in your office – in the name of employee well-being!

Rotower® farm

The Rotower farm is a unit of 4, 15-level towers designed to be scalable, allowing multiple units to be placed next to each other. It is perfectly suited for business use: 600 plants can be produced at the same time, per unit.

Rotower® factory

The Rotower factory is a plant cultivation factory, consisting of a minimum of 2 Rotower farms, which can be expanded according to the customer’s needs. The factory can also be placed in a shipping container, giving the advantage of being a completely mobile and turnkey solution.

In a 100 sqm Rotower® factory:

plants can be produced
of crop yield per year
water consumption

First week

By placing the rock wool cubes in the propagator, they can be planted in the hydroponic system after just 14 days.

Day 1

The seeds are sprinkled in a special rock wool soaked in a nutrient solution.

First month

We can harvest the fruits/vegetables of our work even after a month!

All year round

It is worth sowing the seeds of the next cycle 2-3 weeks before harvest: the seedlings can be placed in the empty places after the harvest, so the cycle can be maintained throughout the year.

All natural cycle

The production cycle is very similar to the natural cycle, as there is hardly any need for human intervention, as long as the towers are installed in a properly controlled and regulated place, thereby ensuring the ideal conditions.

In this case, the system is automatic, there is no need to water, weed or deal with pathogens.

Profit is in the balance

Apparently, the yield is the same on both sides of the scale, but it is a fragile balance that cannot be sustained in the long run.

The burden on the business and on the planet are also much greater in the case of traditional crop cultivation. From a business perspective, more costs and environmental sacrifices are needed to offset the amount produced.

On the other hand, with the automated system of Rotower®, the same or even a greater yield can be produced with lower business costs, while at the same time minimising environmental burdens.

Rotower® vs traditional farm

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No need to compromise the future of your business for the future of the planet. Increase your productivity at no cost to the environment.

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rotates around the profit

Each element of the Rotower® hydroponic system works for the higher productivity of your business.

  • Automation to increase productivity
  • Vertical design to better utilisation of space
  • Rotating towers, more effective production

  • Innovative use of water, lower costs

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Farm visit

Duration: 1,5 hours
Venue: Debrecen, Hunyadi Farm

Since many of you would like to learn more about our technology and the operation of our equipment, we decided to organise farm visits that will help you with this.

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International trade fair for next level farming and new food systems

Date of exhibition: 27-29 September 2022, 
Dortmund, Germany

You will find us wherever  technology meets sustainability! Get inspired and see our innovative device for yourself, in real life, in action at the  ‘International trade fair for next level farming and new food systems’ exhibition in Dortmund.

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