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Innovation, flexibility, thirst for knowledge, determination and dedication to sustainable, environmentally friendly plant cultivation – this characterises the young team of Green Drops Farm.


Hungarian innovation a startup business from a family hobby

From the garden pond to Rotower Farming

Instead of traditional gardening, we started aquaponics in 2011, for the first time at our small family pond. Later, we started developing equipment that combines the favourable properties of aeroponics, hydroponics and aquaponics.

As a result of continuous research and development, today we manufacture hydroponic plant production equipment that is in demand on both the domestic and international markets.

In a 100 sqm Rotower®  factory 

plants can be produced
of crop yield per year
water consumption

Our team

Gréta Rácz

Managing director

Sándor Rácz

Engineering lead

Diána Simon

Marketing associate

Csenge Papp

Gardener, Research associate

Zsigmond Félegyházi

Logistics associate

József Klopcsa

Product development associate

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Profit is in the balance

Apparently, the yield is the same on both sides of the scale, but it is a fragile balance that cannot be sustained in the long run.

The burden on the business and on the planet are also much greater in the case of traditional crop cultivation. From a business perspective, more costs and environmental sacrifices are needed to offset the amount produced.

On the other hand, with the automated system of Rotower®, the same or even a greater yield can be produced with lower business costs, while at the same time minimising environmental burdens.

Rotower® vs hagyományos farm

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