Empower your business to empower the Earth.

Make it big or make it green? Choose both with our innovative vertical farming technology designed to meet your business needs.

Profit is greener on our side

Higher productivity, lower production and environmental costs

More than hydroponics!

Water and light are enough to grow a plant in hydroponics, but not enough to grow your profit.


For a successful business, you need more: productivity, cost-effectiveness and sustainability, 3 factors that define the innovative technology of Rotower®.

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water usage

Innovative design: -95% less consumption, more nutritious and oxygen-rich water.

crop yield

Increase productivity by 30%, decrease environment and business costs, but still get uncompromised quality.


Automatic rotation of towers: special light conditions for efficient plant growth, less LED panels needed for lower business costs.


Scalable, mobile, automated, hyperlocal: finetuned to your business needs.

Go green to grow - your business!

The key to survival and success is: adaptation to change. That is why we have designed Rotower® technology to fit all kinds of business needs.

Our innovative solution can perfectly substitute traditional production systems, the only change you will feel is a decrease in production costs, including your time and energy, and a significant increase in the crop yield.

Social institutions

Innovative solution to provide for the whole community: catering and employment opportunity for those in need.


Municipality gardens, social initiatives and school projects can all draw inspiration from our hydroponics technology to reap the benefits of sustainable plant growth.


Fresh on the menu makes a whole new sense with hydroponics production. Attractive for guests, cost-effective for restaurants, good for the Planet.

Research & Development

Research & Development and, university projects aimed at environment protection and sustainable production can be turned from theory to practice.

and many other…

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Innovation for efficiency

Our hydroponic systems combine all the advantages of hydroponics, aeroponics and aquaponics.

Rotower® farm

The Rotower® farm consists of 4 towers, each with 15 floors, designed for scalability so more units can be installed next to each other. Perfect for business use: 600 plants can be simultaneously produced per unit.

Rotower® factory

Rotower® factory consists of at least two Rotower® farm units, but it can easily be scaled up. The factory can also be stored in a container, an option with several advantages: a mobile and ready-to-go solution right at your disposal.

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In a 100 sqm Rotower® factory


plants can be produced

9 tons

of crop yield per year


water consumption


ROI in EUR after 1year

First week

The rockwool cubes are first stored in the propagator, and after a week they can be inserted into the hydroponic system.

Day 1

Sow the seeds into a rockwool cube impregnated with nutrient solution.

First month

Depending on the type of plant, crops can be harvested after 1 or 2 months.

All year-round

Think ahead: sow your seeds 2-3 weeks before the harvest, then you can place the seedling in the system immediately to maintain the seamless flow of the production cycle.

Production cycle

Hydroponic agriculture is a self-sustainable system that only requires a low level of human intervention, if the towers are situated in a controlled environment endowed with all the necessary growing conditions.

In this case, there is no need to water or weed out the system, and consequently, much less pesticide is needed as well.

We make a difference

Take the same amount of crop yield: 10 tons produced by traditional farming, 10 tons by Rotower® hydroponics technology.

It seems to be in equilibrium, but if we compare the production costs, they are well out of balance.

This is where we make a difference.

With Rotower® farm, the same amount of crop yield weighs less both on your Business and the Planet. This innovative technology allows you to increase your productivity by growing more crops in a shorter period of time, while automating the phases of production.

Grow your Business at no cost to the Planet.

Rotower® vs hagyományos farm

Our references

Make it big. Make it green.

No need to compromise the future of your business for the future of the Planet. Increase your productivity at no cost to the environment.

It takes only 2 minutes. No strings attached!

rotates around profit

Each element of the Rotower® hydroponic system works for the higher productivity of your business.

  • Automation to increase productivity
    The towers’ rotation, lighting and water supply systems can be fully automated and controlled from the distance with our Farm Assistant Application.
  • Vertical design for better space utilization
    Each tower has 15 levels – this vertical farming design allows to produce larger quantities and more diverse plant types.
  • Rotation helps light optimization for faster growth speed
    50% fewer lamps are needed for production, because the vertical design and the rotation of towers also exposes the plants to light more efficiently, resulting in 3x the growth speed.
  • Innovative water usage for lower production costs
    The water supply consists of a 40l tank, one pump and an innovative circulation system that allows for more oxygen- and nutrient rich water and a 95% decrease in water consumption.

Rotower® factory: all the production factors in one place

Container option

A ready-to-use solution with a wide range of built in functionality, including a lighting system, climatization, air purification and a propagator and controller modul, that can be easily set up anywhere.

Automation and scalability

Several steps of the production process are automated to allow for a higher crop yield and an increase in productivity – this is how Rotower® factory can help you grow your business. This is why we designed each element to be perfectly scalable.

Next step: robotization in progress

In order to manage large quantities, several parts of the production process will be robotized. Our technology works on its own, no human interaction needed as it will be possible to control and supervise it remotely online. This is how we plan to lay the foundations for nonstop 24/7 production and packaging workflow.

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