Rotower towers

Our greatest pride, the most significant success of our developments is the innovation award-winning Rotower tower – a self-operating hydroponic system for environmentally friendly plant cultivation.

Innovation for a greener future

Competitive advantage
for everyone

In addition to its many advantages, the Rotower tower brings profit in an environmentally friendly way: with it, you can produce maximum profit in a small space, without pesticides, with minimal labor – in the form of your best quality plants!

We recommend our towers to families, communities and businesses alike – in short, to everyone who – with the help of our innovative technology – wants to grow healthier, tastier and greener plants.

In a 100 sqm Rotower® factory:

plants can be produced
of crop yield per year
water consumption
ROI in EUR after 1 year

First week

By placing the rock wool cubes in the propagator, they can be planted in the hydroponic system after just 14 days.

Day 1

The seeds are sprinkled in a special rock wool soaked in a nutrient solution.

First month

We can harvest the fruits/vegetables of our work even after a month!

All year around

It is worth sowing the seeds of the next cycle 2-3 weeks before harvest: the seedlings can be placed in the empty places after the harvest, so the cycle can be maintained throughout the year.

All natural cycle

The production cycle is very similar to the natural cycle, as there is hardly any need for human intervention, as long as the towers are installed in a properly controlled and regulated place, thereby ensuring the ideal conditions.

In this case, the system is automatic, there is no need to water, weed or deal with pathogens.

Make it big. Make it green.

No need to compromise the future of your business for the future of the planet. Increase your productivity at no cost to the environment.

It takes only 2 minutes. No strings attached!

rotates around the profit

Each element of the Rotower® hydroponic system works for the higher productivity of your business.

  • Automation to increase productivity
  • Vertical design to better utilisation of space
  • Rotating towers, more effective production

  • Innovative use of water, lower costs

no strings attached

Rotower® farm:
build a greener future with us!

Maximum use of space, maximum profit

The Rotower farm is a unit of 4 15-story towers designed to be scalable, allowing multiple units to be placed next to each other. It is perfectly suited for business use: 600 plants can be produced at the same time per unit.

Industrial use

Connecting the Rotower tower with 4, 40-liter water tanks at this level means many new competitive advantages. Operating with only 250 liters of water and up to 600 plants can be grown in it, the Rotower Farm can even be used for industrial use.

A good solution in every situation

We designed the entire equipment so that it can be completely customised in terms of size, labor and resources.

Being an innovative development, even automatic water supply can be fitted by placing the level sensors and solenoid valve.

Where you could have met us

Rotower® factory:
all production requirements at one place

Easy deployment

The Rotower factory is a mobile, modular system, thus it can be installed anywhere, regardless of location.
The lighting, air conditioning, air treatment, and a seedling and mechanical engineering module are also available on a turnkey basis.

Can be automated and upscaled

Several phases of the production process can be fully automated, which significantly increases productivity and yield. Rotower®’s innovative technology provides room for growth, so the system can easily be scaled.

Next step: on the way to robotisation!

On an industrial scale, several parts of the production process will be robotisable. We are developing technology that works efficiently even without human intervention, so that production and packaging can continue without interruption for up to 24 hours. It will also be possible to check and correct the process remotely, on an online platform.

no strings attached

Go green - with us!

You are only a few conscious steps away from a greener and more successful business!

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See it in real life, see it at work!​

International trade fair for next level farming and new food systems

Date of exhibition: 27-29 September 2022, 
Dortmund, Germany

You will find us wherever  technology meets sustainability! Get inspired and see our innovative device for yourself, in real life, in action at the  ‘International trade fair for next level farming and new food systems’ exhibition in Dortmundban.

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