Over the years, we have not only paid more and more attention to product development, but also to additional services and the transfer of our knowledge.

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What we take care of:

at deployment

Provision of
production accessories

advice from specialists




In a 100 sqm Rotower® factory:

plants can be produced
of crop yield per year
water consumption

Innovation for a greener future

Onboarding at deployment

New to hydroponics? Don’t worry, we will introduce and explain how to use the system!

We not only explain the operation of your Rotower product during installation, but in every case we provide you with an instructional material adapted to your equipment.
During the onboarding, we cover filling water, using taps, planting seedlings, production, lighting and all other aspects that may be of interest to you.

We will be with you all the way

Farm Assistant

Should you need it, you can use our consulting and support service, the goal of which is to get you on the path to success instead of failure.

The Farm Assistant service includes the continuous monitoring of air and water temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide level, light intensity, EC and pH values with the help of sensors. If one of the values is not suitable for the production conditions, the system sends an error message, and it can also be controlled and adjusted remotely. In this way, we can help you professionally and in a targeted manner – at any time.

Everything you could ever need

Providing production accessories​

Would you like to buy an LED panel, nutrient solution, growing tray or maybe rock wool for your existing equipment?

With production accessories, your Rotower equipment can be fully customised and further optimised, according to your needs.

Supporting your long-term success and thanking you for our cooperation
you will be able to buy accessories for your existing Rotower equipment at a reduced price!

Make it big.
Make it green.

No need to compromise the future of your business for the future of the planet. Increase your productivity at no cost to the environment.

It takes only 2 minutes. No strings attached!

We will not let go of your hand

Expert advice

Technical support

Production support

In the spirit of true sustainability

Quarterly maintenance and service

A part of the sustainability of hydroponic systems is that we regularly carry out maintenance work on them.

Our experts will help you with this too! The most important thing is to change the water in the arrangement at appropriate intervals, as well as to clean it. We offer a 3-year warranty for the equipment manufactured by us, and for additional products manufactured by others, their respective warranty is valid – that is usually 1 year.

Where you could have met us

Go green - with us!​

You are only a few conscious steps away from a greener and more successful business!

Our sponsors

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B2B matchmaking

We will build the connection!

Do you want to connect with the host market? Interested in the business side of hydroponics? Feel free to contact us, we are happy to help!

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